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Hello Equinox here

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1 Hello Equinox here on 2012-05-08, 01:19

Hey !

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2 Re: Hello Equinox here on 2012-05-08, 01:27


Hi there, glad to see you decided to join. The season one teams are currently set, but feel free to sign up to the various unofficial cups we have going at the moment - Dodgeball one (Laughing) and the all v all knockout cup hosted by AM-99.

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3 Re: Hello Equinox here on 2012-05-08, 04:03


Administrator & Eagles United Captain
Administrator & Eagles United Captain
Hi and welcome to the community.
saw you play and your really good.


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<18:17:05> "Gazza": bare dumb

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4 Re: Hello Equinox here on 2012-05-08, 04:30

Hi and welcome Very Happy

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5 Re: Hello Equinox here on 2012-05-08, 04:33


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